What are good fonts for GOWrite 2 board?

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What are good fonts for GOWrite 2 board?

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GOWrite 2 allows changes to board fonts.

Move numbers above 100 are somewhat difficult to produce in well-readable way. Light and condensed (or ultra condensed) fonts tend to produce best results. However GOWrite 2 does not include such font, as such high quality font is not available freely.

Windows users may have quite good font "Arial Narrow" installed.

GOWrite 2.2 and before: If your system has suitable font, you can select it for use in Options -> Fonts dialog.

GOWrite 2.3 and before: GOWrite uses "Arial Narrow" (if present in system). You can select other fonts in Options -> Layout and Graphics options.

Some other considerations are included at the end of https://gowrite.net/help/en/publishing/ ... rmats.html .
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