Example: Commented game in many formats

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Example: Commented game in many formats

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These examples illustrates practical use of GOWrite in publication creation. You may want to experiment with example file to tune export. Example SGF file also uses many features practical in publication work.

I did make few export samples with 2.1 version. These have been updated using 2.1.09 while testing it. Original SGF file contains ear reddening move. In exports I have adjusted few things, below are explanations on what has been adjusted.

When creating examples, move number font is changed to "Arial Narrow", as it gives generally good result (except when noted). This font is available only on some Windows machines, so you should experiment with fonts available to you. Another good font is Zurich-family, especially black (and black condensed) versions. Fonts can be changed in Options -> Font dialog.

HTML + png
Export to HTML and PNG bitmap graphics. This is good for HTML pages. In Export dialog's export graphics settings were:
  • Bitmap graphics, 20 pixels/move resolution and color diagram.
    In Options->Font were changed so that narrow numbers were non-bold. This improved numbers over 100. This change is often good in bitmap export, but in printed material tends to create hard-to-read moves.
GOWrite 2.2.12 and Scribus has been used to create pdf (190KB) in Linux machine from same SGF file as above. Here I am using "Zurich black extra condensed" font, as it is one of best fonts (unfortunately not freely available). Comment text can be imported to scribus using HTML import. Scribus file is here (250KB).
  • Move size were set to 3.6mm in Export graphics options.
    Diagrams were not scaled in scribus. Diagram size was locked to prevent accidental size changes.
Few notes on use of Scribus (
  • Use "import -> Import EPS" to import GOWrite EPS graphics into scribus.
    Scribus is not able to float text around GOWrite EPS graphics. Thus it seems necessary to create <b>text frame</b> for (each) EPS graphics.
    Do not use "Insert Picture" to put EPS graphics into document. Doing this leads to bitmap graphics when producing PDF output.
    Scribus needs reasonably decent machine to work with GOWrite EPS files. I would recommend at least 2GHz pentium.
    It would be possible to use SVG format instead of EPS.
GOWrite and OpenOffice.org has been used to create pdf (500KB) in Windows machine. OpenOffice.org file and metafiles are in ZIP file (55KB) .
  • Export graphic format "Windows Metafile" was selected and move size were set to 3.6mm in Export graphics options.
    Diagrams were not scaled in OpenOffice.org.
    Columns were created in OpenOffice.org and result was exported to PDF using default options.

Another Scribus Example
PDF kifu was created with GOWrite and Scribus. GOWrite produced EPS and Scribus was used to layout and export PDF format. (not all details listed here.)
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