【Mac OS】Unable to copy current diagram

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【Mac OS】Unable to copy current diagram

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Hello! I am a Go teacher in Asia.

Recently I am trying to use GoWrite 2 on Mac OS to create exercises for my students.

However, I came across difficulties when I am trying to copy a diagram from GoWrite 2 to MS Word.

I tried to use hotkeys like cmd+B and cmd+F, but the clipboard is still empty, there’s nothing to paste.

Please advise, thank you!
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Re: 【Mac OS】Unable to copy current diagram

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You cloud try menu Edit -> Copy Wizard; this allows selection of different formats to copy to clipboard.
There select "bitmap graphics" as format.
If this works, menu Options -> Clipboard graphics allows selecting Bitmap graphics as default for the copy.

It is possible that problem related to mac somehow. At the moment I don't have access to mac, so I cannot test or fix mac related problems.

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