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Repeated Labels

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Dear Lauri,

I have uninstalled the test version you had sent me a few weeks ago and then installed the Windows 2.1.23 version available for download. I am testing repeated labels. Here is how I do it:

With the right mouse button, I mark some intersections. Then I hold the CTRL key and right click further intersections to be marked or right click draw (while CTRL is active) another rectangle of marked intersections. So I have some marked intersections on the board, connected or not. Next I select the menu command Insert | Label. I enter something and confirm by OK. Et voila: each intersection has the same label. Instead of Insert | Label, also the shortcut CTRL L works or selection of this command via the context menu (right mouse click again) of one of the marked intersections.

Great! Many thanks!

However, one thing does not work yet: After marking some intersections, one cannot use the tool button "Edit labels in board." yet. It wants to mark only one intersection, and if one does mark one, then all previously marked other intersections become unmarked. I suggest: Once some intersections are marked, if one clicks on that tool button, then it should immediately alter its function to that of CTRL L. Why else would one just have marked all those intersections? That tool button should not be an unselect tool. (For unselection, there should be an extra tool, but that is a different thread.)
robert jasiek
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