Naming files at batch export

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Naming files at batch export

Post by wambat »

When exporting files in Export dialog is it possible to achieve naming of exported diagrams as SGFFILENAME_DIAGRAMMNUMBER.png ?
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Re: Naming files at batch export

Post by lpaatero »

Currently there are two possible approaches:
  • * Name export diagram file yourself. This requires entering the name for each diagram.
  • * Let gowrite generate running number for diagrams.
If diagrams are used in same order as they appear in file, later one might work. Most likely it does now work quite the way you like.

I am currently thinking improvement to this.

Solution is likely to be combination of automatically generated and user entered (and possible diagram title and/or start move number). I try to avoid putting lots of confusing options, so it needs to work well enough for most users without any setting changes.

I will be in EGC next few weeks, so I will probably answer quite slowly.

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