Problem with .eps file and LaTeX

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Problem with .eps file and LaTeX

Post by PatRidley »

Dear Lauri

I used GOWrite 2.3.37 to produce diagrams ( .eps files) from the attached sgf. For some reason, pdfTeX cannot handle diagram ..._16 correctly. On the first pass, it does not find a .pdf file. On the next pass, a blank pdf file is created. All the other diagrams are handled correctly.

This looks more like a bug in pdfTeX than GOWrite, but I wonder if there is any obvious difference to you between the .eps file created by GOWrite for diagram ..._16 and, say, diagram ..._17 that might be responsible for the different pdfTeX behaviour. Is there something I should/should not be doing in using GOWrite? I attach these 2 .eps files also.

Oh...I don't seem to able to attach either sgf or eps files! :? I'll email them to you.

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Re: Problem with .eps file and LaTeX

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Summary of problem:

It seems that disabling EPS preview in GOWrite EPS options is work-around for problem.

I will later try to check if something is wrong with GOWrite -generated preview.

-- Lauri
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