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Grouped Custom Exceptions

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:35 am
by gwport
GW 3.0.14.

Here is a typical example:

In the exported ODG diagram, the exceptions text is:

2 elsewhere.
3 elsewhere.
4 5 pass.[/code]

The same text of the custom exceptions are not grouped but the same text of the passes is grouped.

Can I also group the custom exceptions? It should be:

2 3 elsewhere.
4 5 pass.[/code]

If this is not possible yet, I request this feature because I use custom exceptions a lot with texts such as "elsewhere" or "ko pass". E.g., I often find it useful to use "elsewhere" to describe the moves of ko threat and answer sequences in a ko fight so a diagram can easily have lots of "elsewhere" custom exceptions.

Grouping for exactly same text should work like it does for pass or ko.

More grouping choice could be imagined but would be too nice luxury. As would be a remembered previous text and a shorthand command.

BTW, thank you for providing custom exceptions! They are more convenient and flexible than the earlier language translation exceptions.

FYI, GW 3.0.17 with newer Java does not work for me yet. I have to use Java 8 to avoid the bugs of the newer program versions related to Java.

Re: Grouped Custom Exceptions

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:08 pm
by lpaatero

Implementing merging similar to ko exception merging is not quite as easy as one would like. So for time being I will not implement it.
If I take a look to exception code for other reasons later, I will make a test attempt.

I am using gowrite with multiple recent java versions without any issues. Can you give more information about problems you are seeing?


Re: Grouped Custom Exceptions

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:18 pm
by gwport
I expected merging to be straightforward but take your word that it is not so easy. Thank you for considering it when visiting the related code later.

The Java problems occurred immediately but were not easy to describe / find exact causes. IIRC, some too generic error for basic GUI use. Given my currently short time, I could not and still cannot provide details with what goes wrong with newer JRE versions and GW here. If I find time for such much later, I might then enlist details. Currently, I absolutely need keep using the stable GW version.