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EGF:n palvelin muuttaa

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Dear Members,

The new EGF web site is at

We hope you find it easier to use than the old site as all data are
grouped logically, it does not use frames (so easy to bookmark pages),
it is clear and easy to read, with all pages in similar layout (apart
from special sections).

Ratings will be held only on Ales's site.

The old site is being maintained in parallel at present but pages will
gradually be removed in favour of the new site.

The old domain name and site will be retained for those who have bought
your own country, club or personal space on it.

Email forwarding on the new domain works by forwarding via the old domain,
so the same anti-spam and other rules apply.

We thank Zoran and his team for their work on supporting the old site,
and we hope that they will appreciate the less burden on them caused
by moving most of the data to the new site.

Please notify me of any errors, broken links, suggestions and so on.

Best Go Wishes

From: Tony Atkins
President: European Go Federation
Vice-President: British Go Association
Go Teaching:
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