Nopealle 100e avustus vuoden 2005 naisten EM-kisoihin

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Nopealle 100e avustus vuoden 2005 naisten EM-kisoihin

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Go-liiton hallitukselle tuli maanantaina 13.6 tällainen sähköpostiviesti:
Dear Go Friends,

we would like to bring your attention to this year's European Women's Championship.

It will take place in Taucha near Leipzig (Germany) on 1./2. October 2005.

Each EGF member country may send one official representative who will get financial support: The first ten foreign official representatives to register will get 100 Euro. The others will share 500 Euro (max. 100 Euro each). Of course, more ladies can come besides the official representatives. There will be no entrance fee and we will provide free accomodation for those who bring their own sleeping bag.

We will have professional players around, Shigeno Yuki, 2 dan, will come and visit us. There will be workshops given by Yuki and other go events starting from Wednesday, 29 September.

Besides supporting their better halves and friends, accompanying males may join the workshops and other side events.

Best wishes from the German Go Federation, Manja Lindemeyer Michael Marz
Eli *nopealle* suomalaiselle naisten EM-kisoihin osallistujalle olisi tiedossa 100 euron matka-avustus. Aikaa siis ei ole kovin paljon, joten mikäli kiinnostusta on kehoitan ottamaan yhteyttä liittoon välittömästi. Liiton hallitus tekee päätöksen avustuksen saajasta, mikäli kiinnostuneita on useampia.

- Pekka Wallendahl
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