Third European Iwamoto Award

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Third European Iwamoto Award

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To: Representatives of European Go organisations and individuals interested
in the promotion of Go in Europe

Dear Go-friends,

The kick-off for the Third European Iwamoto Award has been given at the
European Go Congress in Prague, this summer. Already one project has been
submitted and many poeple showed interest to contribute. Please forward
this message to persons involved in Go promotion. Or even better, if you
have your own valuable project, please make an application!

Thanks to Iwamoto Kaoru 4 continental Go Centres have been founded.
His aim throughout his life was the promotion of Go around the globe. With
permission of the Nihon Ki-in the Iwamoto European Award is installed at
the tenth anniversary of the European Go Centre. The European Go Centre is
looking for people, organisations and associations that follow in his

The winning project, which truly supports the promotion of Go receives € 1000.
There will be two encouragement awards of € 500.

Criteria will be originality, effectiveness in relation to available
resources and most prominent the possibility to implement the project in
other countries and areas.

Two contests have already taken place in 2001 and in 2002/2003. In both
cases independent juries had a look at the projects for promoting Go that
have been submitted. See our reports at ... ward2.html

In addition to this edition we present also our plan to produce an European
Press Book in english language, available trough Internet, with all kinds
of items about go: short stories, facts, numbers and so on. These items
should be interesting to journalists that do not know about Go, but wanting
to make an article about this game. The best contributions to this project
will also be rewarded with some money prizes (minimum € 50). Yet
unpublished materials are most welcome. But if you have items that have
been published before (for instance in another language) you could submit
them too; please add information about these publications and the
copyright. Note this is is an extra competition/project that is open to as
many contributions as each contributor can make.

Applications can be made before March 1, 2006.
Please contact us by email:
to get all the infomation needed to make an application.

After March 1 descriptions of all contributions will be on our website.
Prizegiving will be planned in Spring 2006 in connection to some special
activity at the Go Centre.

I am happy to answer your questions about this project.

Kind regards,
William Wandel (Manager Go Department of the European Go Centre)

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