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GOWrite 2.3.13

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Version 2.3.13 is first stable in 2.3 version.
Major changes from 2.2.21:

New features and improvements
- Thumbnail viewers for Windows and Mac OS X available. See platform integration later in post for details.
- OpenDocument export for diagrams and comments. This makes easy to create small high quality PDF files using OpenOffice.
- GOWrite can now read UGF (.UGI) files.
- Settings menu contains "Layout and Graphics options" where large number of graphics adjustments are available. Most notably is B&W board margin setting, which allows adjustment of "invisible" region around board in B&W boards.
- Print preview is available.

- New icons (and icon resolutions) for application and SGF files. Scalable SVG icons for linux.
- Better main screen layout for small screens, such as Acer Aspire One.
- Normal printing layout is improved and probably now better that 2 column layout.
- Faster search in multi-processor machines: up to 4 processor should give considerable speedup and up to 8 are used.
- Improvements in international (CJK and complex layouts) use.
- Automatic CJK character set recognition has been improved.
- File Open -dialog allows selection of character set. Setting applies when file does not specify character set.
- Font selection improvements, exporting should work more predictably.
- Improvements in game information presentation and entry.
- Most dialogs and wizards now remember last used settings.
- Database performance improved, when >1000 directories in database. Database optimization improved for large databases (more than 300000 games).
- Updated h2 database (http://h2database.com/html/main.html) engine and Windows installer (http://www.jrsoftware.org/isdl.php) tool used in gowrite.
- Work-around for sun JRE bug making circles non-round has been implemented.
- Lower memory use for very large SGF files.
- Huge number of minor improvements and fixes.

Installation and platform integration
- Linux installer and integration improved. Aspire one desktop icon creation using script (available in installation directory).
- Mac OS X integration is new, and requires OS X 10.4. Thumbnail viewer is also included, this requires OS X version 10.5.
- Installer supports Mircosoft Windows 2000, XP and vista. Windows ME, 98 and 95 are not supported. Windows installer simplified (from users point of view...). SGF thumbnail viewer is installed as shell extension.
- Note to XP users: If you are comfortable with regedit, you can adjust explorer thumbnail sizes in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer. Make a new DWORD value named ThumbnailSize and set the value to decimal in range from 32 to 256.

Major changes

Keyboard navigation in game has changed! keys are now
* left / right - move in in game; do no change active variation.
* Down / up - Move in game and select active variation.
* Enter / space + - read all of file thru (- key goes backwards).
Active variation is shown in normal colors in gametree. Inactive variations are grayed out.

Gowrite settings
- Preview ignores settings from gowrite 2.2 versions. Thus game search database must be configured again. Configuring may be necessary also if upgrading from older preview.
- Settings are (partly) stored in (multiple) XML formatted files.

- Java 1.6 recommended.
- Java 1.5 or later.

Changes from 2.3.12:
  • - Removes beta-tag from splash screen
    - Database update frequency was reset to one day sometimes when opening database status dialog.
    - Peak memory use is now lower when opening large file.
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