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GOWrite 2.3.32

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:45 am
by lpaatero
Changes for 2.3.32:
  • * Support for 64bit Windows now integrated into standard windows installer. GOWrite requires 64bit java in 64bit Windows. Enabled SGF thumbnails in explorer in 64 bit windows. (32bit applications should also be able to show thumbnails.)
    * Improvements in large-resolution thumbnails.
    * Better support for thumbnails in Windows Vista and 7 by implementing getThumbnail API.
    * Updates to help files (WEB help pages updated also periodically).
NOTE: This version has various problems in Windows support. In particular WMF support is broken in 2.3.32, so do not install, if WMF support is important. 2.3.33 corrects problems.

- Lauri