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GOWrite 2.3.38

Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:37 pm
by lpaatero
GOWrite 2.3.38 is stable version.
It contains few additions and corrections:
  • * Partial translation of GOWrite help to Japan. Thank you for Akiba Shunichi for effort!
    * Corrected diagram layout calculation when board margin is negative, eg stones extend beyond board borders.
    * added option to insert diagram automatically when creating variation. General options dialog has new option to disable this.
    * Fixed option to control label auto-increment.
    * Corrected arrow keys in MAC to not require ALT -modifier. (I dimmly remember there was reason for ALT modifier; but now it seems to work without.)
Translation changes
  • * General options dialog contains 2 string for automatic diagram addition.
Lauri Paatero