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OpenOffice 3_3_0

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:47 am
by gwport
Users of GW might wish to be careful when considering an update to OpenOffice 3_3_0 with 32b Java 6u22. I had to revert back to OpenOffice 3_2_1 and an earlier 32b Java because OpenOffice 3_3_0 changed the interpretation of GDI imported ODG diagrams: The grid lines become thicker. Viewed in 6400% screen size and almost 0.3mm dpi of the screen, a line's thickness was increased from ca. 5.2 mm to 8 mm. If you carefully look at the lines in 100% size or printing, you might notice the difference, too. Therefore, if you are involved in a book project and concerned about consistently looking diagrams, then maybe better do not upgrade your OpenOffice and / or 32b Java yet, although Java is probably not involved here. Since I used the same GW version 2_3_44 (with a 64b Java) before and after the OpenOffice upgrade, it appears to be entirely an OpenOffice graphics file interpretation design issue rather than a GW bug.