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GOWrite 2.2.11

Post by lpaatero » Mon Jan 01, 2007 10:37 am

GOWrite2 2.2.11 is mostly bug-fix for 2.2.10. Following bugs were fixed:
  • - Fixed Print Wizard start in some special situations
    - Improved Print wizard diagram placement, when game has variations.
    - Tree now shows few nodes forward / backward from current position.
    - Starting new search interrupts previous search automatically
    - Diagram preview in print wizard behaves sometimes in funny way, fixed.
    - H2 database engine updated
    - Fixed PL property use (mark next color to play), added command to insert next to play mark.
    - EXE and DLL for windows now also in ZIP.
    - Allow disable main variation in board (Z)
    - Fixed subtle bug in displaying of edited variation tree in sibling-style game.
    - removed "Comment:" from HTML exported text.

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