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default variation behavior

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:13 pm
by ericosman

I am new to Gowrite so pardon if this question is over-asked:

I used the "back one move" button during editing and went back a number of moves, and then clicked on a different place for move 10 (for example) than the place I had originally clicked.

My INTENT was to add a variation at move 10, so that the result would be TWO variations, one starting with the ORIGINAL spot I had clicked at move 10 and one starting at the NEW place I clicked for move 10.

But the behavior of GoWrite was very strange (in my opinion). It started to overwrite my original sequence with the new moves, causing a hodge podge of moves to be on record.

What I would expect instead is that the original sequence would be preserved, and my new move 10 would automatically create a variation.

Feel free to contact me at eric osman at rcn dot com This comment was made on 10-sep-2018

Re: default variation behavior

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:24 am
by lpaatero

This is old behavior that used to be quite normal long time ago in go programs...

Changing it will open quite a can of worms: How to insert moves into middle then? Add mode for this? So change would not be just this detail.

So if I start to clean-up the user interface, this is one of the things I would change. List of changes is getting quite a long.

My main focus is Android version (Hactar go), its interface attempts to fix issues like this.