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Printing: Print (or export) game in multiple diagrams?

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 12:45 pm
by lpaatero
Start by dividing game into desired number of diagrams.

GOWrite 2.2 (and later)
Open file and use command File->Print & export wizard. This prepares SGF file for printing or exporting.

After this do File->Print and select "All diagrams in game".

Alternatively you can export using File->Export and select "All Diagrams in Game".

GOWrite 2.1 (and before)
Game is divided into several diagram be adding "diagram start"s into file. Diagram start can be inserted using Insert->New Diagram. Gametree in bottom-right shows diagram marks in the place where diagram was added.

In order to preview diagram division select view mode "print view" (from View menu).

Now you can print whole game, File->Print and select "All Diagrams in Game". Then select correct printer (Set Up Printer) and push Print button.