installation: Installed files and uninstalling

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installation: Installed files and uninstalling

Postby lpaatero » Thu Mar 08, 2007 9:57 am

GOWrite installation puts all files into installation directory, few exceptions below.

Installation creates registry entries needed for .SGF, .GW2 and .UGI file associations, if requested.
Shell extension settings are written to registry, if SGF thumnail support is installed.

RPM installer puts GOWrite desktop file, icons and mime-type information and icons to relevant location in /usr/shared/ paths.

When used, gowrite 2.2 creates one directory (.gowrite) into user's home directory. This directory contains settings for GOWrite and default place for game database.

GOWrite 2.1
GOWrite versions 2.1 and before stored their settings in user's home directory in gowrite.cfg file. This file can be removed when using later gowrite versions.

Uninstallation removes all installed files and registry entries. User settings or game databases are not removed.

-- Lauri

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